Hotel Pre-Opening

AZALEA supports all management tasks around the pre-opening activities:

  • Location analysis and/or Re-Positioning analysis (conversions)
  • Creating a matching hotel concept and putting all pieces together
  • Marketing plan incl. CI/CD 
  • Pre-Opening Budget, Yearly Budget
  • Offers, tenders and coordination of OS&E (Operation Supplies & Equipment)
  • Offers, tenders and coordination of FF&E (Fixed Furnitures & Equipment)
  • Ordering and placement 
  • Control of CAPEX and other investments 
  • Attendance at relevant construction team meetings
  • Hiring of suitable (key) employees and HR support to the hotel manager
  • Creation of the policies and procedures 
  • Continuing cost control after the Pre-Opening-Budget
  • Management of the actual Pre-Opening and Opening
  • Further hotel consulting services and/or hotel management services